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Edit Template Blog To SEO Friendly

Edit Template Blog To SEO Friendly is one way to boost SERP blog on search engines, because search engines is a place to make our blog fame. Template great influence on the popularity of blogs in addition to beautify the look of our blog should also be making it SEO Friendly. For users blog with a subdomain can get various types of templates that have been designed in such a way as to make it look beautiful and attractive, but do we know whether these templates are SEO friendly, as most templates are only put desaignnya only.
Edit Template SEO Friendly Blog For it is not hard as in imagine, only with a few tips and tricks we can make it SEO Friendly. Want to make your blog template to be SEO Friendly? You can be practicing the following tips Template To Your Blog SEO Friendly.

Title tags play an important role in SEO to get good SERP in search engines. For those of you who use a blog on is usually the title will appear first after the new title of the post. This is not good for SEO because of keywords from the title of the blog posting appears after the title of the blog. So we have to rectify all these SEO techniques to become more SEO Friendly way to do SEO Optimization For Post Title.

By installing the Meta Description and Meta Keyword, search engines will be easier to index, crawl and explore our blog. So one way to get our blog posts quickly indexed by search engines put meta description
MODIFICATION headings become H1 TAG
Tag Heading 1 (h1) strongly influence the dynamics of a blog to point out the main keywords in the eyes of search engines. Normally users blog with existing templates seo friendly but there is also vice versa. While many free blog providers as a template for blogspot templates SEO Friendly but still questionable. One of the thousands of ways to make seo friendly template is a modified form the h1 heading tag.

Breadcrumbs Navigation MAKE THE BLOG
Breadcumbs is a row of simple navigation that is usually located above the title of the article being read by visitors. Breadcrumbs Navigation can also increase the quality of the SEO, where the presence of breadcrumbs navigation visitors can easily see the position of an article he was reading and looking for other articles with the same category.

ADD CODE 'REL = canonical'
Adding code 'rel = canonical' is one of the SEO techniques that can be used to avoid duplicate content to search engines mounted on the header of our template. As for how to add the code 'rel = canonical' in the header template is by copy the code below:

<link expr:href='data:blog.url' rel='canonical' />

then place the following code in your blog template <head>

In addition to using codes 'rail-canonical'to avoid the duplicate content in search engines we can also do this SEO technique on how to disable archive blogger account settings.

hopefully these tricks can add to our knowledge of SEO template Friendly. and for the tip edit joomla template to SEO Friendly, hopefully I can I also post some other time.

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eMingko Blog mengatakan...

saya ingin mmbuat Breadcrumbs Navigation tpi trlhat jlek n klo h2 dgnti h1 jg bgtu :( yg lain sih sudah.

Zulsyiddin mengatakan...

Coba di edit sikit biar Tampak Bagus. Saya Merekomendasikannya. Karena Google Panda 2011 Suka Banget Sama Breadcrumbs . . .

Backlink Gratis mengatakan...

Anda perlua Backlink Gratis?... Kami menyediakannya silahkan coba dan rasakan manfaatnya. Semua informasi tentang Backlink Gratis ada disini dan backlinkany berkualitas.

Zulsyiddin mengatakan...

Terimakasih Atas Backlinknya Gan.... Semoga Posisi SERP Kita dimata Om Google Semakin Bagus

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